Friday, October 3, 2008

it's worse than I though...

MORE: during a live performance in Romania Dan asks the audience to imagine it's 1972 all over again...
how could people not get basic things such as the fact that the *Disco clothes* in the O-zone performances (e.g. Despre tine / About you) were meant as *props*? this is NOT a cultural issue, I'm afraid... unless we are talking looking down upon and assuming the worst of other cultures...


P.S. was quite disappointed with Abe Tran

re: (4th comment; #c131)

Hi, Abe!

hmmm... I don't particularly like the "Eurotrashy" reference (especially since you previously said you liked the song). Otherwise, not a bad entry... you made sense of what's been happening and put the phenomena in good perspective for your readers.


P.S. I believe the best translation of "Dragostea din tei" into English is "Romantic Love." Dan Balan took quite a bit of poetic license when he called it "Dragostea din tei" (it's a stretch, and a big one, even in Romanian). D.

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if you think it's trash... (Euro or not), I wouldn't waste my time with it if I were you. I mean, there are plenty of other things to do... doesn't seem like a very good choice.


P.S. I don't think it's trash... Not the song, not the outfits. I just think it's creative... it's art! (and not bad at all)

I suspect you are referring to the song "Johanna." The girls in the video wear, doll-like short dresses; I believe that was a very good choice given that the real message of the song -- as far as I see it -- is that the girl in the relationship that ended-up breaking up was acting like a demanding doll and that had driven Crazy Loop (aka Dan Balan) to exasperation.

P.P.S. I wouldn't be surprised if this was "inspired by real life" (actually happened to Dan Balan). D.

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"Eurotrash" is derogatory, Abe -- any way you spin it... And no, it does NOT mean merely metrosexual (which is *not* a derogatory term) and it definitely does NOT mean gay. Your personal interpretation is just incorrect...

I would not go around calling people "Eurotrash" any more than I would call Vietnamese people "gooks"... nor would I try to argue that the term "gooks" is NOT derogatory -- it *is*, even if you might be able to find someone who believes otherwise.


P.S. oh, and you appear to have completely missed the purpose of wearing the kind of cloths the O-zone members wore while performing songs that were *intended* to be a throw back to the Disco times (same idea as having the girls that were part of the performance of the song "Johanna" wear "doll dresses")

P.S. anyways, take care! D.

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