Thursday, October 23, 2008

Alright! I've had enough of this topic...

so have I accomplished what I set out to do? not exactly:)... but it was fun looking at these things; I just got a bit too negative at the end for no good reason... so I'm ending this blog with a somewhat unrelated existential song, that I found in the most unlikely place: Romanian rap! "[Life is a] bad joke!" by Parazitii/The parasites (the lyrics are just horrendous but... the message redeems the song for me... although I wouldn't listen to this song more than once:) --> great message!


P.S. a reminder to self that I should be spending more time on my existential blog. D.


peter_xp said...

you're really done with the blog???
that's to bad, i used to visit you once a week =\
anyway, it was fun

D. said...

thanks, Peter! yeah,I'm done... I kept blogging about this for much longer than I initially thought I would. I *did* enjoy it! Glad to hear others did, also. Take care! D.