Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Luxor100: "I just love how they look like they are having so much fun..."

Luxor100 (21st comment): "I don't care if they're gay or not (though I doubt it, since Romania's culture is drastically different from America's). I just love how they look like they're having so much fun in that video. It makes me wish I could go dancing on the wing of an airplane with my friends. :-( "


the comments to the O-zone videos

EVEN MORE: the "studio version"
MORE: here's the difference: Sarbatoarea Noptilor de Vara = Summer Nights Celebration (this appears to be sung live -- noticeably lower quality for the sound, rhythm etc...)
seem to give good hints to people's varied reactions to the band...

there are definitely detractors but that's going to happen with pretty much anything... and not all the negative comments are just mean, some of them are valid criticism (e.g. do they lipsing in those videos? Yes! is that bad? again, the cultural standard -- and the implicit value judgment -- seems to play a big role... lipsinging is not seen as a mortal sin in Romania -- it's basically the choice to have the best performance of a song presented even if it's not happening right then...)


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Arsenie deserves props...

... for trying and trying and trying...(he never seems to stop searching for something different...)

Friday, October 26, 2007

language trouble for Radu...

Perfect body

... again, to bring them to Western cultural standards, the lyrics need a lot of work but the bigger problem here is that the poor fan (thestupidcarrie) seems to get disgusted by something that Radu is very likely completely unaware of..."let me feel you tonight..." --> say, what? :(... yeah, that's the normal reaction: how rude! how gross! how horrible..."nasty song," to quote Carrie above: it's just that that phrase never means those things in Romanian and Radu appears to have simply translated from Romanian into English without being aware of such differences...

and it goes both ways: e.g. calling a woman a bitch (in Romanian) is really asking for trouble... (the word means whore in that context, although it means the same thing as in English when talking about dogs)


P.S. Word for word is really a terrible way of translating things (I actually failed a translation test once, because the dummies wanted a word for word translation and I refused to come up with that sort of nonsense... those people should have known better, they were supposed to use that stuff for analysis purposes -- couldn't possibly understand even basic things the way the wanted to go about it...) D.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Again, best of luck...

to Dan! plenty of people seem to like what if it's not "the numa numa thing"... I hope he makes it big! D.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

More from Arsenie...

"My heart is empty" (or something like that)


P.S. he doesn't sound bad at all in English, it's just that he could use some pointers (e.g. the difference in pronunciation between "here" and "hear")

P.P.S. may favorite joke in this line: Berlitz ad

Sunday, October 7, 2007

the lyrics (and pronunciation) are still a bit unusual

but they are easy going about that too: I remember an interview where the French asked O-zone if the lyrics for their then new song (Despre Tine, About you) were... well, better! than those for the numa numa song that made them famous but confused the heck out of foreigners lyrics-wise.

O-zone told the interviewer they were going to let her in on a little secret: the lyrics for the O-zone songs *never* change... only the title does.../joke


Thursday, October 4, 2007