Monday, September 8, 2008

what would I do if I were Dan Balan

EVEN MORE: please see comments
MORE: there was really a lot of depth to his Romanian songs (the slow ones, in particular); it's such a waste of talent to have the English-speakers think of him as the guy with the silly /crazy lyrics -- there should be no need for an alter-ego, especially not a "crazy" one... (re: Crazy Loop) D.
I'd drop everything for six moths to a year and focus on acquiring as good a command of English as possible, and not just the language, the cultural subtleties -- at this point, after having been in the U.S. for a couple of years, nobody should be wondering what on earth could he be meaning? -


P.S. this would significantly enlarge the market for his music D.


Abe Tran said...

The notion you suggest would be nice... but I have to admit that I doubt anybody's abilities to grasp the subtle nuances of another language in six months. Even though Balan is a genius, and quite capable of speaking English already, becoming poetically fluent in a language is no simple task. I'd like to think of myself as a rather capable writer, poet, and lyricist in English, but I would never imagine trying real poetry in Vietnamese, which I've been speaking my entire life. Balan draws much of his influence from Romanian poets, which further suggests that he would have to do a lot of reading in English to acquire similar competency.

Anyway, here's a link to my blog about Balan, which I mentioned earlier: Almost Worth Knowing: Dan Balan is Crazy (Loop). The post will be up in a few minutes.

D. said...

Hi Abe!

I think he could do a lot in 6 month to a year *with th right person*! (somebody who is very familiar with both languages-cultures)., I am NOT suggesting he hires *me*...*lol*... although I could give him a couple of pointers for free! How to clarify the meaning of his song Johanna (Shut Up!) is a good example.