Monday, October 20, 2008

Dan Balan: De la mine / From me [to you]

STILL MORE: oops! this was actually an O-zone song, but in the version on U-tube Dan is the only on that can be heard singing... so did he "remake" som of th O-zone songs with his new band (him soloist and the other instruments only?) D.

EVEN MORE: I suspect Dan (knowingly or unknowingly) had this poem by the Romanian poet Eminescu as a starting point, assumed the role of "Lucifer" and imagined having a short but heartfelt liaison with a mortal... (while I understand the point of the Romanian-into- English translator expressed on the top of the page, I disagree with the translation "Lucifer" because of the strong negative connotations that I do not believe are present in the Romanian version; the whole point appears to be a desired but doomed relationship between a mortal and an immortal -- which can be in itself symbolic of a relationship between an idealist and a pragmatist individual, for instance). D.

MORE: may be just as utterly untranslatable as the song "Intr-un cer violet" /On a violet sky -- I mean it's translatable at some level... "on a violet sky, if I could find the moon, it would be a silvery stain..." that's a perfectly translatable beginning but I doubt anyone could really explain the real meaning of the song -- you either feel it or you don't...

I'm trying to figure out what this is... it's tagged with "Crazy Loop" and it appears to be only on U-tube (no lyrics, no anything elsewhere on the web...); seems to be relatively recent (the instruments, guitar in particular give this away -- I think that's his Moldovan band he brought with him to the US); was this meant for his rock project or is it more recent than that? it was uploaded on U-tube 2 month ago...


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