Saturday, August 23, 2008

Akcent (O-zone's primary competitor back in the day) lost a member

MORE: Marius Nedelcu's first song without Akcent: Rain (seems familiar... some comments claim he "borrowed" a lot from an existing song); Akcent's first song without Marius Nedelcu: umbrela ta / your umbrela (child-like, when compared with prior Akcent songs)

STILL MORE: apparently, this also split-up Morandi (the replacement had been one of the two singers of that band: Marius Moga)

EVEN MORE: English version (no relationship to the Romanian version, lyrics-wise)

MORE: their first song: Ti-ai promis (I promised [to take you with me]: it's a break-up song, the guy decides to break his promise because he realizes his girlfriend was in the relationship not because she cared but because of the advantages the relationship was bringing her)

... Marius Nedelcu

Friday, August 15, 2008

Arsenie Toderas (aka Arsenium): Rumadai

MORE AGAIN: Arsenie explains his song to the German media

MORE: made the Romanian top hits 2008 (so did a couple of Dan's songs: "Take me higher" -- is this part of the Electro house project he did with that Italian DJ, DJ Ross, ; Crazy Loop; Johanna)

STILL MORE: live performance? (it *is* reminiscent of the numa numa song, as someone mentions in the comments-- 9th comment)

EVEN MORE: there is one line in Romanian" o.35 time mark: "Sa zburam cu toti pe luna" literal translation: "Let's all fly to the moon!"; meaningful translation: "Let's have a blast!"

MORE: definitely a "party song"... not bad... upbeat and somewhat funny -- the apparently non-sequitur parts (e.g. chorus: "everybody, lets dance in the Disco (...) I wanna take you from Paris to San Francisco" (...) "I feel so high" ... *that* might explain it:) just kidding...

looks like people already love it: fan video
another song from his upcoming album, to be released in the fall... D.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

(Radu Sirbu: Mr.&Ms. ) His new project has taken off

EVEN MORE: not in top 100 at this point (Crazy Loop, Dan's single is still hanging in...)

MORE: the songs on the album were inspired by the relationship with his wife and it is meant to be "rock influenced"
Romanian version :Dragostea-i o parte din noi=Love is a part of us [an integral part]

a couple of interviews: Maniacii, Antena

the making of

fan video: Astaire dancing? interesting idea...

Friday, August 1, 2008

(Radu Sirbu; Dan Balan) RadU is RadU no more...

MORE: his new project
his last song (Daun-daha; 6:00 time stamp) as "RadU"...


P.S. bad blood between Dan and Radu (Radu was hurt and considers unfounded Dan's assertion to the Romanian media-- HappyHour, same tv show (.48 time mark) -- that Ozone could not have gone much further because his fellow band members just couldn't go through the growth process necessarily to continue to be successful as a band... "something like that"...) D.