Tuesday, December 25, 2007

opening the road for other Romanian bands

STILL MORE: Jokero (I like this combination of English and Spanish; also, Romanian and English)

EVEN MORE: Dragoste de inchiriat/(Romanian version): romantic guy gets dumped... very, very different from the crude English version (Kylie), probably not all that crude compared with what else is out there -- a lot of the rap songs, for instance... I'm not familiar with them so I just don't know how crude songs really get -- anyways, looks like it had plenty of success with the French, the Polish / live and... probably plenty of others

MORE: French kiss / 9 Mai (the Romanian version)/ in concert (in Poland); lyrics-wise, the Romanian and English version are very different

Akcent, for instance, has had some success in Europe: King of Disco/Romanian version (parody) / The Making of King of Disco

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