Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Romanian viral videos

STILL MORE: interesting comments, the Romanians had a very mixed reaction to what Radio 21 came up with: some of them thought it was awful... the thing is that it was as much a parody of those foreign songs as it was a parody of Romanian folk songs (it had the themes, character etc. but the words were off the cuff and bordering on profanity -- something that would never happen in traditional "broadcastable" Romanian folk songs) but most people loved it! -- they thought it was fun and entertaining...

The reaction to learning these were not original songs was also varied: some people though it didn't matter..."their song was good... but ours was delicious!"; others thought it was a lousy thing to do and studio 21 should knock it off! (gives Romanians a bad name by appropriating other peoples' songs)

EVEN MORE: Radio 21's parody of a number of Western hits: Wassabi - Have Some Fun With Radio 21

EVEN MORE: another one: Rita Rita (the term "Rita Rita" is used in this Romanian version as slang for sex -- doesn't really mean that in Romanian but the video makes it obvious; this is actually a "fan response" to the Radio 21 version; the original version... the one that Radio 21 used for its parody was Leva's Polka)

MORE: the original/Russian version was about a love triangle (the Romanian version was about a woman not being satisfied by her lover) D.

interesting story: Radio 21 (Romanian) decided to parody a number of international songs -- Jaja jaga (which appears to be Russian slang for sex) ended up very popular with Romanians, kind of a party/ drinking song...and plenty of people had no clue the song wasn't exactly "Romanian, original" (the interpretation had all the bells and whistles... figuratively AND literally of authentic Romania folk songs)


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