Friday, August 15, 2008

Arsenie Toderas (aka Arsenium): Rumadai

MORE AGAIN: Arsenie explains his song to the German media

MORE: made the Romanian top hits 2008 (so did a couple of Dan's songs: "Take me higher" -- is this part of the Electro house project he did with that Italian DJ, DJ Ross, ; Crazy Loop; Johanna)

STILL MORE: live performance? (it *is* reminiscent of the numa numa song, as someone mentions in the comments-- 9th comment)

EVEN MORE: there is one line in Romanian" o.35 time mark: "Sa zburam cu toti pe luna" literal translation: "Let's all fly to the moon!"; meaningful translation: "Let's have a blast!"

MORE: definitely a "party song"... not bad... upbeat and somewhat funny -- the apparently non-sequitur parts (e.g. chorus: "everybody, lets dance in the Disco (...) I wanna take you from Paris to San Francisco" (...) "I feel so high" ... *that* might explain it:) just kidding...

looks like people already love it: fan video
another song from his upcoming album, to be released in the fall... D.

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Kate said...

Hello! I love this new music video "Rumadai" and Arsenium. He is a great singer :)