Friday, February 22, 2008

(Dan Balan aka Crazy Loop) The Power of Shower: includes three songs that don't seem to belong in it...

MORE: a bit odd pronunciation for "roses," for instance (17): it's like he's attempting the British accent (not at all unusual for Europeans given that English teachers are much more likely to have been exposed to the British accent as part of their training then to American English)... still, with some exceptions, his accent is surprisingly good in these songs

very dissimilar to Crazy Loop or Johanna -- if I remember right, they were initially meant for Sugar Tunes (his "rock project"): they were available on Dan's MySpace page under "Sugar Tunes"(17, Tango and 24th letter)



Abe Tran said...

i absolutely agree. i just listened to the album, and you can hear that Balan is singing as his rock persona in these songs, not as Crazy Loop. The heavy presence of the guitar is also oddly present in these songs, as compared to Mm Ma Ma and Johanna.

On another note, i'm glad I came across your blog, and I'll probably reference it tonight. I was doing some research on Balan and Crazy Loop for tonight's post. Anyway, check out the blog I wrote yesterday on Dragostea Din Tei: A Look at Numa Numa: Dragostea Din Tei and Beyond

D. said...

Thanks for your comments, Abe! left a comment on your blog (comment number four):