Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Phoenix: possibly *the* liveliest Romanian band

MORE: one of their songs (using an old Romanian incantation) arranged specifically for the Romanian movie "The Immortals"

MORE: impressive solo violin (Manfred Neumann; nickname: Mani), solo drums...(Ovidiu Lipan, nickname: Tandarica) and solo guitar

STILL MORE: they made some pretty interesting innovations, such as adding the traditional Romanian violin to customary rock instruments: Baba Novak

EVEN MORE: Pasarea Pheonix (Pheonix, the bird -- its rebirth from ashes): original version

MORE: original version, same band (better sound quality; came out during Communism)

... it's been around about as long as The Rolling Stones... Andrii Popa (one of their
early songs)


P.S. they got their inspiration from old (pre Christian) Romanian songs D.

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