Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Radu's last name

MORE: for those who need more details on this: aside from the "i" you find in most Latin based languages, Romanian has a variation of it which has a sign that looks like the roof of a house on top instead of the normal little dot; the letter "a" also has such a variation (the "roof top" instead of the dot). To make things even more confusing, what is considered correct spelling (spelled with "i" and roof top versus "a" and "roof top") has changed -- back and forth -- for arbitrary reasons in the past. Romanians are more like the French this way (they don't just allow the language to naturally change and go with it...: there is an Academia Romana -- you can see the "roof-top-a"-spelling on that page -- like there is an Academie Francaise)
He says it's "Sirbu" (means nothing in Romanian). A lot of people (including me) were confused and though it must have been "Sarbu" (which means "the Serb") and may well still be the truth...ultimately... not that Radu is lying -- I'm pretty sure the name in his documents is spelled "Sirbu" but... it's not at all uncommon for mistakes to change one's name in time; actually many of the differences in spelling of words in the different Latin-based languages, for instance, were just that: mistakes that became the norm in a particular part of the world...


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