Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Could the choice of sounds be part of it?

EVEN MORE: "Ciao Bambina!" means "Bye-bye, girl!" in Italian (only Italian words used; well, he also uses "Ciao, bambino!" at one point-- the masculine form of "bambina," as something the girl used to tell him...)

MORE: e.g. "Ciao Bambina!" has sounds added at the end of words (not unusual in Romanian singing) that convey more emotion than the plain words would have: "bambina" --> bambina -aaa; "plec departe" --> plec departe-ehe; "stiu ca ma vei astepta"--> stiu ca ma vei astepta-aaa; "acum e rindul meu" --> acum e rindul me-heu; "voi lipsi in viata ta" --> voi lipsi in viata ta-aaa; "vreau sa-ti spun adio" --> vreau sa-ti spun adio-ho...
there are a lot of expressive sounds in these songs that come across regardless of what language one speaks... D.

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