Saturday, January 12, 2008

some classic Romanian ballads

MORE: and it wasn't just ballads, there was even some hard rock... e.g. Iris:Trenul fara nas/ The free train...(alusion at the common practice -- during communism -- of not buying a train ticket and bribing the conductor instead)

sung during Communism (live versions, not always best sound quality --> people really knew the lyrics to the songs and was part of the performance,Cenaclu Flacare concerts were extremely popular)

La o cana cu vin/ If all you want to do is have a glass of wine, I won't be there...(full length)

: hmmm... hard to translate, it's close to the French "gamine" but I don't think terms like the English "gal" come close to it... and those who attempt to discribe the character are misleading -- in Romanian it's really and endearing term, it does denote a younger age but not in a negative way like attempted translations turn out...

Si totusi exista iubire/ In spite of all, love hasn't disappeared... (full length)


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