Friday, October 26, 2007

language trouble for Radu...

Perfect body

... again, to bring them to Western cultural standards, the lyrics need a lot of work but the bigger problem here is that the poor fan (thestupidcarrie) seems to get disgusted by something that Radu is very likely completely unaware of..."let me feel you tonight..." --> say, what? :(... yeah, that's the normal reaction: how rude! how gross! how horrible..."nasty song," to quote Carrie above: it's just that that phrase never means those things in Romanian and Radu appears to have simply translated from Romanian into English without being aware of such differences...

and it goes both ways: e.g. calling a woman a bitch (in Romanian) is really asking for trouble... (the word means whore in that context, although it means the same thing as in English when talking about dogs)


P.S. Word for word is really a terrible way of translating things (I actually failed a translation test once, because the dummies wanted a word for word translation and I refused to come up with that sort of nonsense... those people should have known better, they were supposed to use that stuff for analysis purposes -- couldn't possibly understand even basic things the way the wanted to go about it...) D.

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