Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Romanian music: happy, happy, happy...

I forget which travel guide it was but one of them talks about Romanians' fondness (still...) for "fell-good 70s music" as odd... I would say that, given what they've been through, it's quite understandable and it shouldn't be difficult for Americans to relate: just think of the "feel-good" movies Hollywood produced and Americans loved during World War Two and of the long standing predilection for a happy ending.


P.S. Of course, today there is more variety (there is even rap, both the "gangster type" and an original blend of rap and oriental music, which seems to have originated around the Back Sea where the Roma and Turkish influence in music is strong) but most Romanians would still agree that, for the most part, a song's primary function is to make you happy... unless it's a sad song -- e.g. Ruga pentru parinti = A prayer for our parents -- (and then it should make you cry...) D.

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